Monday, August 6, 2007

Caffeine is the only reason I'm coherent at the present, or why the Saints defense sucks.

Last night, D. and I met M. out at Cooter Brown's to watch that heinous excuse for a preseason game, featuring the Saints and the Steelers. I have to echo D.'s blog - anytime Steelers' backup QB Bryan St. Pierre looks good, the defense is just that bad. Granted, it was only a preseason game, and no one was injured...but yeah. The defense just looked hideous.

Also, when did beer at Cooter Brown's get so expensive? Note to self: the gravy cheese fries at Parasol's are far superior to the itty-bitty, tiny little cheese fry basket we demolished within minutes last night. But the alligator sausage quesadillas were quite tasty.

Here's D.'s excellent blog from last night (separate entries for each quarter):

So M. and I are sitting at our gate in the Charlotte airport, waiting to board our connection to D.C. While we've been sitting here, U.S. Airways has had to deboard a flight to Raleigh-Durham...because the captain hurt his back. Seriously, we just watched EMS load the poor man on a stretcher and wheel him down the concourse.

As M. put up, "Yeah, I'm sure he doesn't feel awkward or anything..."

Speaking of M., D. showed her some love on his blog last night. She's starting to feel like a after our third or fourth round of Abita Amber, she signed her name on a napkin with a flourish , and presented it to us. Awww.

"It's going to be worth something some day," she insists, "particularly if I keep getting all this blog publicity."

Other interesting quotes from the day:

Me: "What's a spider pig?" (We googled it and found out. We really need to get on seeing that movie.)

Random stranger as we passed by Rue de la Course after our weekend coffee run with Jake to CC's: "Collies sure are pretty when they're shaved, aren't they?" (That almost surpasses last weekend's random stranger's observation: "That's a bald-ass Lassie." Thank you, Mr. Randomly Stumbling Along St. Charles Ave. Guy, for trying to give my admittedly metrosexual collie a gender identity complex.)

After that pitiful excuse for a game (seriously, the Saints defense sucked more than Lindsay Lohan's nose ingests cocaine), we went home so that I could pack for my trip. Our flight out of Charlotte is delayed, so it's a good thing M. suggested that we wear our suits, rather than waiting to change in D.C. We have a presentation at Axa at 3...yeesh. I hope we make it there on time. Regardless, the coffee I'm currently guzzling is rendering me once again optimistic about Mondays. Of course, this is also helping, sheerly by restoring my faith in humanity:


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