Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Deadspin points out another potential Benson conspiracy...

It's no secret that the Evil Tom Benson has sought to move the Saints to greener pastures, even going so far as to shamelessly offer up the Saints to San Antonio during the Katrina season. Shady, shady, our Tom Benson. While he currently basks in the adulation of arena football fans (New Orleans just hosted Arena Bowl XXI, and Benson was given a league award as the owner of the New Orleans Voodoo), is Benson secretly planning his new diabolical money-making scheme?

Granted, New Orleans is a tough market for any professional sports team. While the fan base is strong here for the Saints, Zephyrs and Voodoo (erm, the Hornets just can't catch a break), there are few corporate entities here to subsidize the overhead costs of housing a team. Despite the fact that Reggie Bush's jersey is the top-selling jersey in the country, the lack of a major corporate presence in southeastern Louisiana may eventually doom the team as a steadying factor here in town. And that's truly, truly sad.

I mean, the waiting list for season tickets is HOW many people long? Eleventy billion?

Rant aside, Deadspin has uncovered a possible plot on the newly redesigned Saints website. Thoughts? ::cracking up::

There comes a point where you just have to laugh maniacally at the crap people try to stir up all in the name of sarcastic conspiracy theories. I'm pretty sure this is that point.

So pour yourself an Abita wheat, put your feet up, and prepare to alternately snicker and roll your eyes at what might be the lamest Deadspin post ever. Much as I love their website, funny material must have been lacking that day...


Kevin said...

The real reason that New Orleans doesn't appear on the Saints website is because George Bush hates black people which is why he blew up the levees and God wants New Orleans to be a black city because it's where all the chocolate is....

Anonymous said...

I am optimistic that the Saints won't be going anywhere.

The Saints are obligated to the Superdome through the 2010 season anyway, and I know they hope to make a long-term deal, so I'm not worried.

However, if they do, I will probably give up the NFL all together. I just can't imagine cheering for any other team.

With regards to the Hornets--I love the hell out of them, but if I had to choose between them and the Saints, I think you know what I would choose.

C. (Who Dat) Lavie