Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fox's Preview of "K-Ville"

This just gives me goosebumps. I truly hope this show succeeds. Unfortunately, Fox has lined it up against "Monday Night Football," so unless the network execs really take interest in this show, it's going to fail...miserably. But if it works...wow.

Some righteous uptown residents are flipping out about the show, claiming that it will only cast NOLA in a poor light. Um, yeah? People? Guess what? The national perception of New Orleans couldn't get that much worse. As it is, 40% of people nationwide think we're still underwater, and the rest DO think criminals roam the streets with AK-47's. (The first is totally untrue, and the second is only true in select neighborhoods. People definitely don't get gunned down on Bourbon St. like the show's trailer portrays it.)

I say this, though - "NYPD Blue" showed the darker side of New York, and "CSI" shows that Las Vegas isn't all glittery debauchery. Any show about cops in New Orleans would have to address what happened in the immediate aftermath of the storm to have ANY credibility.

So if you aren't a football fan, or DO own a DVR...please watch this show. It pumps millions into the local economy - and this place needs that.


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