Monday, August 27, 2007

I believe the children are our future...

Teach them well, and let them embarrass us on national television and YouTube? Notably, not even A.C. Slater can keep a straight face.

But the most hilarious response I've seen thus far on Miss South Carolina's apparently rampant and boundless ignorance has to be this.

So my question is this - who is dumber - not in action, but in deed alone - Miss South Carolina or Michael Vick?

(Again, leave his moronic actions out of the equation and rely purely on their words alone.)

I'm quite curious...

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bossybivigou said...

You are the first American I know of that gets the Richard and Judy reference. And a Southerner to boot. Kudos!

As for weighing up who is dumber Mr Vick or Miss South Carolina meh, cannot quantify. Weirdly enough measuring those kinds of stupid makes my head hurt.