Thursday, August 23, 2007

The K-ville Pilot...

Here it is, folks - what are your thoughts?

I'll write more later - I'm just worn out from Air Force One delaying my flight out of Kansas City yesterday. BAH!

(But I'm so glad I got to have a nice dinner with D.'s wonderful parents!)

P.S. Tom-ba juice? What are the rules of said drinking game, people?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think we've settled on the following, but feel free to just slam down the Tom-ba whenever:

1) Bunnieballs initially speaks and defends his inflammatory or nonsensical post. ONE SHOT

2) Anyone in the thread mentions Tom-ba Juice. ONE SHOT

3) Bunnie speaks again, this time slamming the person that defended the person he initially berated with a "Best, Cord." DOUBLE SHOT

4) Bunnie gets WAY pissed and speaks yet again, going after both original detractors and gets his panties in a total wad. DRINK YOUR WHOLE CAN OF TOM-BA, LATHER, REPEAT

evil twin