Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday round-up

Now that Dean is careening wildly and purposefully towards Mexico, my breathing can return to normal. D. and I had a quiet weekend - our DirecTV was hooked up on Friday (we're both really excited)! We went out for sushi at the Sake Cafe on Magazine St., and followed that up with mojitos and beer at the illustrious St. Joe's.

Call me crazy, but I far prefer St. Joe's to Dos Jefes. Perhaps it's that pesky smoke allergy? Meh.

On Saturday, we spent the evening at Fat Harry's, so that Dave could blog the Saints-Bengals preseason game. It was pretty fun, actually, and the fans were pretty nice. Michelle and I kept noticing some really odd fashion faux pas - so concerning were they, I must note them here:
  • Suede heels (before Labor Day!), half a size too big, with a white eyelet dress (close to Labor Day!!) with a gold anklet and bright red Birkin-inspired bag. The total effect was meant to look boho-chic, no doubt, but I'm pretty sure this cute young Tulane co-ed has NEVER wandered around SoHo. I was less worried about the antiquated Labor Day rule, as EVERYONE wears white year-round in south Florida, but Michelle was duly horrified.

  • Faux-ho chic's friend was wearing a houndstooth, spaghetti-strapped wool sundress. In mid-August. In New Orleans. In a heat index of 115 degrees. IN A BAR. Personally, I love houndstooth. I think it's a cute fabric for the fall and winter months. But in the summer? In a bar? In New Orleans?

  • It's standard in Miami and New York to wear stilettos and too-tight clothing out on the weekends, but in New Orleans, I am happy to report that I generally see sandals and jeans. Hooray for comfort! That said, I saw a lot of make-up, stiletto action and skin-tight white dresses (which displayed an obvious lack of panties) at Fat Harry's. This surprised me, until I remembered college parties at FSU. At FSU, you can always pick out the underaged girls - they try too hard. So there's a safe bet that a) these gals are new to New Orleans and college in general, or b) looking for a man. At a preseason game. Sigh. Poor girls.

There was a good crowd at Fat Harry's on Saturday night - and D. got some great footage of fan reactions to the game. My thoughts? Our offense looked sharp, Martin and Baker looked awful, our defense looked passable against an awful team, and our special teams looked MUCH better (thanks, Olindo!). Lance Moore is a STUD. I also feel sorry for Fred Thomas.

It was funny to hear Dave the Banker refer to Tyler Palko as "Plinko." Love ya, Dave. ;)

Yesterday Dave and I did useful things like exploring our DirecTV channels and going to see Frank Oz's new film, "Death at a Funeral." I love Frank Oz, and I really, really liked this movie - it was funny and endearing and boasts a strong cast. Shhh, don't tell D., but I've been harboring a major crush on Matthew Macfadyen ever since he starred in "Spooks" (Americans prolly know it as "MI-5").

I leaned over and asked D. at one point if there's something messed up about the fact that I was laughing so hard about a film about a family that had just lost its beloved patriarch. He smiled and said, "No, it's just cathartic."

(Wow, it's nearing a year since Daddy died, and it still feels like it was almost yesterday.)

After the movie, we walked through the French Quarter, watching the tourists gawk at some of the drink specials advertised on the street. I then introduced D. to NOLA's FINEST burger experience - Port of Call.

Port of Call's cheeseburgers and loaded baked potatoes are the stuff of legends. D. also inhaled a solid 24 ounces of Monsoon - some fruity drink loaded with Bacardi 151. I got through maybe 6 ounces. I didn't want to fill up on rum when there was a half-pound burger in front of me!

Instead, I mimicked a walrus. Don't ask.

The most important thing, though, is that our DirecTV harkens the start (almost) of college football season. On a good note, my Noles are picked to play Virginia Tech in the ACC Championship Game.

On a truly sad note:

Coach Andrews, your family is in my prayers during this awful time.

And on the following, to quote Kevin..."Sweet baby Jesus!"

I wonder if rape stands are available in federal prison? (Not that I'm advocating such a thing, of course.)


April Elizabeth said...

Dude, nextime take pictures to show these horrendous outfits, if you have to do it subtly michelle pose so that the girls are in your camera's line of site then so be it, but if you are gonna disucss it don't be a tease.

Kevin said...

You know, I agree with you about Dos Jefes vs. St. Joes. There is just something about coming home smelling like an ashtray that just does not appeal to me. Thankfully Dave's attempt to own Dos Jefes petered out...

Rebecca said...

I must admit I have been known to sport my purple suede Michael Kors flats in the summer months. I have also never heard the rule about not wearing houndstooth in the summer (I wore a green and brown houndstooth skirt to work last week), although I would never dream of wearing it while bar-hopping in New Orleans in August.

And I am actually quite fond of Dos Jefes, but then I like the smell of cigar smoke. Plus Dos Jefes has an amazing portabello sandwich. Or at least they did before Katrina. But I don't think that you can really compare Dos Jefes and St. Joe's anyway. It's apples and oranges. Unless Dos Jefes has changed since Katrina. But I remember it being a nicer sit-down place, and St. Joe's is definitely not that.