Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Supa Saint's Mullet-y Goodness

Start with a heavy dose of irony. Throw in a breakfast of Milwaukee's, Best...and add a mullet wig more joyful than any seen on Top it off with a zealot's love of the Saints, and you've got...well..Supa Saint.

He has to be seen to be believed. After his NFC playoff video on YouTube in January simultaneously amused Saints fans and enraged Eagles fans (many of whom were calling for his summary execution), Supa Saint has developed quite the following. I'm not sure Coach Payton will really advocate Supa's training camp regimen, but hey, it's worth checking out...

(Do so at your own peril, but damned if I didn't pull a Tammy Faye - may she rest in peace - from laughing so hard that my mascara ran in rivulets down my face.)

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