Monday, August 27, 2007


Seriously, I just can't get motivated today. I worked too long on Friday, was too rushed for Dave's family/friend fantasy football draft, and we busted our tails on Mom's yard this weekend.

Add into that a harrowing return from Pensacola to NOLA last night, and you have a halfway comatose Cait typing at a reduced pace whilst guzzling caffeine and sugar in an attempt to revive her sense of humor. ;)

Yeah, it's THAT bad.

So let's see, while I was mowing/hedge-trimming/driving/pretending to sleep...

-Owen Wilson tried to off himself. Poor Butterscotch Stallion, I hope he gets the help he needs.
-Britney Spears, for once wearing a non-hideous wig, got pulled over for speeding and didn't get a ticket.
-Fidel Castro may or may not have died; no one really knows. Then again, Cuba's PR people make Baghdad Bob look like an amateur.
-Lindsay Lohan celebrated her second DUI/coke possession arrest by being sentenced to ONE DAY IN JAIL. By Nicole Richie standards (she was sentenced to four days but served only 82 minutes), that means that Lohan will serve only 3-4 minutes. Yeesh. The L.A. Criminal Court system makes Louisiana's criminal justice system seem almost progressive.
-FSU finally named our starting QB for the Clemson game - no surprise there, it's Drew Weatherford.
-Oh, and that Vick guy? Yeah, he officially pled guilty and found God. Or whatever. Convenient that he found religion and decided that dog fighting is a bad, bad, naughty thing the day he pleads guilty and makes a public statement. Er, what? You mean he's trying to jockey for a reduced sentence? What?!?

Anyhow, I'm back in NOLA and despite running a fever and severely lacking sleep, I'm ready for the week...I think. Here's my fantasy football team this year (woot!):

QB: Dree Brees
Matt Schaub
RB: L. Tomlinson
Deuce McAllister
Jamal Lewis
Warrick Dunn
Leon Washington
WR: Marvin Harrison
Anquan Boldin
L. Coles
Vincent Jackson
TE: Todd Heap
K: Adam Vinatieri
D: Philadelphia
Jacksonville (for Philly's bye week)

Not terrible, right? Damn, I need more coffee.

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Unknown said...

1. The L.A. Criminal Court system does, in fact, make Louisiana look progressive. And that is very very hard to do. Damn Californians...

2. Finding God through a federal indictment is sooooooooooo cliche. I mean, seriously, if that is all it takes for someone to find God, my goodness, what is this world coming to?!?! You know what will really make him find God? Tyrome in the shower room...