Thursday, September 13, 2007


My Air Force Falcons just upset TCU 20-17 in overtime at Falcon Stadium in my hometown of Colorado Springs.

I'm pretty sure that my dad is smiling right now, because I know he's watching from above. I know I'm grinning like a donkey with a mouthful of briars.

Tomorrow is the memorial service, and the cadets of his original USAFA squadron will read a roll-call of those not present. His name will obviously be on that list. So I'll allow myself to be sad and all sorts of teary tomorrow. But tonight, I'm just thrilled.


(BTW, Gary Patterson is a class act - having his team and coaching staff remain on field until the Air Force alma mater was played. Bravo, Coach Patterson. And Rutgaaaahs? Pay attention - that's how to be classy when playing an undersized service academy team. K?)

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