Monday, September 24, 2007

Cait: The Recap

Ranting about David Vitter aside, I'm battling with some mixed emotions this week.
On Thursday night, D. and I went to the St. Charles Club at the Superdome for the Sugar Bowl Committee's kick-off event. They hoisted a BCS banner in the Dome, and tons of local press and socialite types were there.
It was a lot of fun - with amazing food and wine, and a lot of fun people from the T-P - but I admit to being a little starstruck when we met Duane Lewis.

Yep, THE Duane Lewis. GAH!

(He's the new communications director for the Sugar Bowl.)

He was talking about his trepidation at entering the Superdome - the last time he was there, his Rams got smacked around by the Pats for the Super Bowl win.

On Friday, M.'s mother passed away after a long fight with cancer.

On Saturday, we celebrated Kevin's birthday with a barbeque and chocolate cake and much football. That night D. and I drove over to a purple house in Mid-City for Chandra's going-away party. Several hours later, I dragged my drunk - and very cute - boyfriend home, where he nursed a horrendous hangover, that if anything, left him paler than usual. (And that's saying something.) Evidently, champagne and Guinness cheese aren't such a great idea after nursing Pimm's Cups and beer all day.

On Sunday, we watched our much adored NFL Sunday Ticket, and I made dinner for Chandra and Goh.

On Monday, the lucky bastage had a press pass for the Monday Night Football match-up between the the Saints and the Titans. Kevin and I drove to Covington for M.'s mom's viewing, and drove back across the Causeway listening to WWL and lamenting our awful blocking and tackling. Of note was that EVERY other commercial featured a voiceover from Hokie Gajan.

"Hi, folks, this is Hokie Gajan here for...YOUR MOM!"

I like the idea of a spot like that. Mmm.

I missed "K-ville," but DVR'ed it for later viewing (I honestly thought it was better than the pilot), and caught most of the ensuing three quarters of the game. I was ready to pull my hair out, but was mostly just thankful that I hadn't started either Brees or McAllister in our fantasy league (I had chosen Matt Schaub and Jamal Lewis, respectively).

Poor Deuce. Seriously, that's just heartbreaking.

On Tuesday, Kevin, D. and I drove up to Mandeville for M.'s mom's funeral, and I felt so helpless. I just wanted to hug her and tell her it was going to be okay.

Last night we experienced the joys of Nacho Mama's yet again, and I started to become more cheerful. It's been that kind of month at work - numbers are down, and without M.'s irrepressible cheer and efficiency in the office, Kevin and I have both been a little down.

Tonight, we help Chandra move.
Tomorrow night, I bitch and moan that I'm not at the Cowboy Mouth concert - presumably, I'll be packing for our mad dash/overnight trip to Jacksonville for the FSU-Alabama game and watching the WVU-USF game.
And no, I don't want to talk about the FSU cheating scandal right now. I want to nurse my ginormous cup of coffee and be glad that Roxana's okay after her car accident.
It's been a long month. I look very forward to taking a few days off next month.

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