Friday, September 21, 2007

Forbes ranks the Saints... being worth much less than the average NFL franchise.

Two words: corporate subsidies.

That's what is lacking in this market. Much as I love - nay, adore - my Saints, New Orleans is a difficult market for sports enterprises because while it has a loyal fanbase and lucrative merchandising, it lacks the one thing that draws people like Benson to the lights of Los Angeles - a large corporate presence.

Corporate subsidies are less taxing on the NFL, who currently subsidize the Saints. The New York Times had a great piece in 2006 on the difficulties the Saints organization face in trying to flourish in an area largely propped up by tourism, seafood and petrochemicals.

Tom Benson and his grand-daughter, Rita Benson LeBlanc, have long held the reputation that they seek the bottom line. This is a business, folks. (I know we ALL remember the sneaky near-move to San Antonio - way to kick a city when it's down, dude.)

What can we do to keep the Saints here, where they belong?

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