Friday, September 28, 2007

In honor of LSU/Tulane

Don't forget your celebratory bloody mary tomorrow morning as LSU prepares to take on the mighty Green Wave in the Superdome. Kickoff is scheduled for noon, and if this doesn't make you go, "What the eff?," you're clearly an LSU fan.

Or, as Kevin more succinctly put it as he stood here in my office, gaping, a few minutes ago: "There are NO words."

On a random side note, as both Dave the Banker and Kevin are wont to point out, New Orleans is the only city to have the distinction of being destroyed by the mascot of a local university - the Green Wave. Then again, they went to Tulane, so clearly they are jaded by popped collars and myriad pastel colors.

Found on Cajun Boy's blog:

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