Tuesday, September 18, 2007

K-Ville and Hickory-Smoked Vanilla Ice Cream

Last night, D. and I got home only to find that the power grid in our neighborhood was off. It came on just in time for us to set the DVR to record the series premiere of "K-Ville," pick up a to-go order from Parasol's (mmmm, oyster po-boy and gravy cheese fries), pick up some beer from the A&P on Magazine (wherein we, along with the amused staff, witnessed an incredibly audacious shoplifting incident) and head over to Dave the Banker's place to watch the first half of Monday Night Football - the Eagles vs. the Redskins.

We stopped at the Creole Creamery to pick up some ice cream, and the following conversation took place.

Clerk: What can I get for you folks?

D: She'll have a scoop of the bananas foster ice cream. As for me...hmmm. Oooooh, I'll take the hickory-smoked vanilla bean ice cream.

Clerk, looking dubious: Um, have you ever actually tried it?

D: Noooo...

Clerk, handing him a sample: It tastes like barbeque ice cream.

Me, cracking up: That's an interesting flavor.

Clerk: You're not kidding. We've even had garlic-flavored ice cream in the past. But the blue cheese ice cream had to be the absolute worst.

D: Mmmm. I like this! I'll have a scoop!

And like it he did.

More to the point, we missed the season premiere of "K-Ville" because our DVD only recorded the last 19 minutes of it. Fortunately, I had already seen it. Here's NOLA.com's review - what were your thoughts? Did you watch it? Will you watch it again?

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Cursed Tea said...

I gave it a "C" grade - K-ville that is - not the ice-cream - don't know if I'm brave enough to try that one but thanks for the heads up!!!

Best Wishes