Monday, September 17, 2007

K-Ville Premieres Tonight

I'm certainly not going to repost the link to the series premiere of "K-Ville," but despite the somewhat outlandish writing, I'm really pulling for this show to develop and work. This could be so good for New Orleans, and hey, it's not as if the national perception of the area could get that much worse.

Here are some reviews of the show - they're very, very harsh (like the Orlando Sentinel calling it "loathsome"), but they're also pretty on target. The pilot is cartoonish and trite, and I REALLY hope they can adopt some of the grittiness that successful, truly poignant cop shows radiate.

But there is one positive review amongst the detritus:


oyster said...

Hi, from a fellow Seminole fan living in New Orleans!

Ray said...

I watched the pilot on, and it does seem like they didn't too TOO badly by the city. They worked in a lot of the stuff that we talk about every day.

But as a cop show, it sucked.

I think the only people who will watch it are New Orleanians and it'll die a quick death before it has a chance to grow up into something interesting.

Seminole fan? Jeez, Oyster, she's into "24 Hour Party People" and you wanna talk football? Where's your post-punk cred gone all of a sudden?