Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Monster needs a new chew toy...

Jake has a great habit of eviscerating his squeaky toys - even his nearly new flamingo toy has not escaped his enthusiasm. Will any Aggie fans volunteer, perchance?

From SbB:

KUVE-TV reports that Texas A&M's sideline canine was suspended for last Saturday's game after snapping at her handler. During a mid-week run, the cadet minder accidentally stepped on Reveille VII's tail, causing the collie to bite back in response.

I find this particularly funny given that our house is currently overrun by 3 large, blonde collies known for long, destructive tails, a tendency to rip apart rooms, and a need to sleep on a bed of pillows (blame Mom - she spoiled the other two). Teeth gnashing is the trend, and tumbleweeds of collie fur litter our floors.

Last night, as we attempted to sleep, Lady decided it'd be great fun to claw at me. Jake, no doubt jealous of another collie's presence on the bed, jumped on the bed and promptly stepped on D.'s eye.

Yes, indeedy, it's going to be an interesting week at Chez CaitandDave.

So here's a thought - if collies are jealous (albeit smart and generally sweet, well-tempered behemoths) and have personal space issues, how do you think these lovely creatures reacted to this inhumane treatment?

And not one word about Jake's Darth Vader costume from 2006 - that was pure fabulousity.

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Brooke said...

How about a Michigan chew toy? Maybe the players would feel it and it would put some bite back in their game....