Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Don't let the door hit you on the way out, you racist, incompetent (albeit nattily-dressed) hypocrite.

I'm fairly sure Jake, our dog, could have prosecuted the capital crimes cases that plague this city far better than Eddie Jordan. Heck, Jordan's trademark hat would have probably been more effective.

I'm also pretty sure that I'm doing the happy dance - which Michelle and Kevin know as the "Cait-does-the-inpretative-cabbage-patch-whilst-wearing-a-goofy-expression" dance.

I've been gone for a while, I know. October's been pretty hectic - work, the car, etc. have all taken their toll, but this past week, D.'s brother Younger D. and his wife, Rachel, visited from Missouri. They took in a Saints game, a ghost tour, and walks around the French Quarter and uptown. They saw military police roaming the 9th Ward, saw my car flood, and sampled beignets, Abita and crawfish. They checked out Napoleon House, Port of Call and Parasol's, and enjoyed the whimsical atmosphere of Dick and Jenny's. In the midst of this, Rachel turned 26. So happy birthday, Rachel - I hope you enjoyed your week here in the Crescent City. I'm only sorry I ended up working so much while you were here!

I should be posting quite a bit more - things are stabilizing at work, and given a good nap, I'll have a lot more energy. In the meantime, here are some pics taken by Younger D. and Rachel:

Don't D. and I look great when caught off guard? D. is looking mildly irritated because of work, and I'm making an ass of myself sheerly to try to amuse him. Woot!

Beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe Du Monde, nestled in the base of Jackson Square.

My favorite pic, apart from the classic of D. looking rumpled and warm in his bathrobe on the front porch, is this one, of St. Louise Cemetary No 1., where Marie Laveau is buried.

I suppose I like this one best because I adore this time of year - Halloween is great here in New Orleans. It's a time to enjoy the crisp weather and pumpkin ale at the Bulldog, and it's great for snuggling up to D. on the couch while watching "Hellraiser" and "Leprechaun 41231274: His Descendants are Still Battling the Little Dork in an Alternate Reality." Awwww, yeah.

(Plus, there's a built-in excuse to eat candy corn!)

Tomorrow night, D. and I will don our K-Fed and Britney costumes and roll down to the Quarter and the Marigny for some quasi-tame debauchery.

Geaux Saints, geaux Hornets (the home opener is tomorrow night), and happy Halloween!

P.S. We saw Tom Morello at the Moonwalk on Thursday.

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