Monday, November 5, 2007

F-L-O-R-I-D-A S-T-A-T-E!

Florida State! Florida State! Florida State! Wooooo!

That's right - FSU beat its first #2 team since 1999 (Virginia Tech), and did so convincingly. The Seminoles played like they haven't played since the 2000 season. The OL blocked, Weatherford looked comfortable in the pocket, and the receivers and backs committed with passion to each play. Myron Rolle, Geno Hayes and Patrick Robinson all had important defensive plays for the Noles, including Hayes' pick-six off Matt Ryan as Flutie #2 attempted a second miracle drive ala the previous week's Virginia Tech game. So what happened with FSU?

First of all, there's no longer a QB controversy. Since Xavier Lee effectively ruined his own chances of helming the Noles, the players were forced to get behind their QB - Drew Weatherford. And #11, Weatherford, didn't disappoint either, throwing for 354 yards - and most importantly, no turnovers. Our penalties were still costly, but we controlled the line of scrimmage most of the game, and Ryan couldn't pick up the tempo.

While I offer major credit to Ryan for being a solid QB, I'm sooo tired of the hype. Kirk Herbstreit was the only commentator on Saturday night to credit the play of the Noles without whining about how this hurts poor Matty Heisman's chances. BAH. I don't care that Matt Ryan likes to play Dave Matthews' songs on his guitar or that he was arrogant enough to expect to win on that last drive, throwing a terrible pass right in the arms of Geno Hayes. I care that the Noles showed up and played like a team.

Like they haven't in years. Great playcalling (the most creative I've seen in years, thanks to new OC Jimbo Fisher), decent pass rush (thanks, Coach Andrews!), and solid execution all night long from the players. Yay!

This leaves our division of the ACC in a crazy place, as the Noles take on Virginia Tech in Blacksburg on Saturday.


P.S. LSU? You're welcome - but watch your back. Oregon's knocking.

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oyster said...

Yes, this was an excellent win.

My wife and I were dumbfounded by all the Matt Ryan love/hype/deification. It got ridiculous after a while. But I'll join you in giving Herbstreit credit for good analysis, and some love for the Noles' aggressive play.

I'd love for them to win out. Just beat Florida, really. That's all I care about at this point.

And Geno Hayes is hella-studly.