Monday, November 26, 2007

"Finally, the first good news all day."

According to the Washington Post, there is finally some hope for Sean Taylor.

Les Carpenter, who is working the story for us in Miami, heard rumblings
that Sean may have opened his eyes.

I have not been able to get that confirmed but just heard from a team
offical that Sean is now responsive, which is obviously a turn for the best. I
will continue working away to get more details, but this is obviously a turn for
the better after Sean spent much of the day in a "non-responsive and
unconscious" state.

As the person put it: "Finally, the first good news all day." Let's
hope it's the first of more to come.

UPDATE: Vinny Cerrato just called us with confirmation.

"He was responsive to the doctor's requests to squeeze his hands and
showed facial expressions. The doctors were very happy about that," Cerrato said
" ... Two doctors came and told us they were excited about that."

Cerrato also confirmed my earlier reports about Sean being
"non-responsive and unconscious." Cerrato said: "We'd heard all that, and what
they told us was to hope for a miracle."

Cerrato said Taylor is still in critical condition but did not have
many details beyond that. Vinny said Sean was in surgery for seven hours.

Les Carpenter reports from the hospital there that the mood has changed
dramatically around there and people are suddenly in much better spirits.

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