Friday, November 2, 2007


Kickoff for tomorrow's LSU-Alabama game is just about 30 hours away. There's a lot of drama associated with the game, naturally -

  • Nick Saban, former coach of the Miami Dolphins, left LSU after winning a national championship to try his luck with the NFL. After further driving the Phins into the ground, he backstabbed Wayne Huizenga, taunted reporters about not being the next head coach of the University of Alabama, and hightailed it out of Miami guessed it, Tuscaloosa.
  • On the other side of the coin, Les Miles is rumored to be the next head coach at Michigan. Lloyd Carr's ticket is up this year, folks, and Miles' roots at Michigan run very, very deep - will he stay or will he go?
  • It's a key SEC West match-up - so this game will be brutal, intense and about more than bragging rights for the universities' respective coaches. Both teams are coming off a bye-week, so I'd expect a tense first quarter of play.
  • LSU has had some off-the-field drama this week with the suspension of back-up quarterback Ryan Perrilloux (reinstated earlier this year by a forgiving Les Miles) and the dismissal of linebacker Derrick Odom due to a nightclub brawl. Perrilloux was let off the hook by Baton Rouge police, but Odom was cited for a misdemeanor. Whoops...

So, folks? Score predictions? Is LSU the best team in the country, despite undefeated (thus far) seasons from Ohio State (Kevin has a running bet with D. about the outcome of the season, as he is a ginormous Buckeyes fan), Boston College (I'm soooo sick of Doug Flutie yapping about how Matt Ryan is the second coming of...well...him), Kansas and Hawaii?

Alabama has shown the ability to play tough, but injuries and a lack of leadership and execution on the field have made their play this season inconsistent at best. LSU is solid, but took a morale hit this week - I really think that Perrilloux is a spark for that team. So what will the outcome of the Saban Bowl be?

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