Monday, November 12, 2007

The Monday Mega-Blog!

So I have a few observations to make. Bear with me, folks. ;)

It's Monday, and my new inhaler is making me a little cranky.

1) Virginia Tech's style of play? Dirty, dirty, dirty. Wow. What a painful loss - still, I'm glad to see so much promise from Christian Ponder.

2) GO AIR FORCE! Suck it, Charlie Weis.

3) K-State. Sigh.

4) Saints - injured players + healthy Bulger and Jackson = BAD.

5) At promptly 5:30 PM in the evening, Fat Harry's becomes Yuppie Hell. True story. Note to the ladies: if people are watching the FSU-VT, Auburn-Georgia and OSU-Illinois games intently, it's not nice to jack up Journey on the jukebox and tunelessly shriek "Don't Stop Believin'" at the top of your lungs whilst sloshing vodka and cigarette ash on people. Note to the fratties: wait, I actually have nothing to say to you. ;)

6) Seeing the first streetcar roll down St. Charles behind the Warren Easton marching band was such an exciting moment.

6) I have the goofiest, best guys in the world at home - D. and the Jakeymonster. I'm a lucky gal.

7) The Saints Black and Gold Roll at Sushi Brothers is the most amazing roll I've ever tasted. Best. EVER. (Seriously.)

It's a delightful confection of coconut shrimp and cream cheese on the inside, and on the outside is avocado, mango and black smelt roe.

Oh Dear Lord.

It was heaven.

8) Eddie Jordan? You've got some major, major blood on your hands, dude. Don't be in a rush to come back to NOLA from Atlanta, mmmkay? An NOPD officer is dead, and you're at least partially responsible.

9) Despite the fact that the anniversary of my dad's death is in three weeks, I'm looking forward to the holidays, and spending time with my mom and my brother.

10) I figured out I have asthma this weekend! Oh, joy! (Note to concerned parties - it's just mild and allergy-related.)

11) K-State and FSU found a way to redeem themselves last night in the Tale of Two Cros (former FSU players and good friends Craphonso Thorpe [Colts] and Antonio Cromartie [Chargers] faced off in last night's thriller). Darren Sproles (K-State) returned both a kickoff and a punt for touchdowns, and Cromartie had multiple interceptions off Peyton Manning. Daaaaaaaaaang.

12) This just in: Britney Spears is still a moron. In related news, the sky is blue and Ohio State is no longer undefeated.


roxy said...

ashtma? :(
I didn't know you could develop that this late in the game (without smoking or something). That sucks. Maybe try to stop smoking all that crack? ;D
love you!

Paul said...


No Penn State mention?


You know...Joe and Bobby are destined to be tied this year. PSU wins on Saturday, then their Bowl...Bobby loses twice, and voila!