Monday, November 26, 2007 for bad news about Sean Taylor's condition...

From the Washington Post:

Richard Sparpstein, who has represented Sean Taylor in legal matters in the past
and is a friend of the family, said moments ago that the player's life is
hanging in the balance in the hospital. Sharpstein, speaking from the hospital,
said Taylor is "nonresponsive and unconscious" and the doctors are "worried
about a possible brain injury or death."

Sharpstein, who has been with
Taylor's family at the hospital much of the day, said that there are major
worries that Taylor may have lost oxygen to the brain, and that no other
procedures are planned for right now. "They're waiting to see if he comes to,"
Sharpstein said. He was shot in the groin/thigh area near the femoral artery and
lost copious amounts of blood. He was airlifted to the trauma center and endured
several hours of surgery, Sharpstein said.

Taylor is in intensive care,
Sharpstein said, and his girlfriend and child were not injured in the attack.
Sharpstein said Taylor was sleeping when he heard a noise in the living room.
The intruders were at his bedroom and Taylor reached for a machete or other form
of knife he keeps nearby in case of emergency, and two shots were fired, with
one striking his leg.

"Right now he's clinging to life and we're all
praying he makes it," Sharpstein said.

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