Friday, November 16, 2007

Skeletor vs. James Carville

We watched last night's campaign debate on CNN.

I have to say, after 10 years of being eligible to vote (and doing so with regularity), I'm so, so tired of the media and lobbying groups picking our frontrunners for us.

I call shenanigans. I was so fed up with the moronic, cloying responses from Clinton (disingenuous shrew - seriously, she claims to be part of the boy's club and then abuses the notion of gender with every passing can't play both sides, Hillary), Edwards (Pantene model/panderer) and Obama (verbose and inexperienced), that I almost welcomed Bill Richardson's naive, insipid remarks about the military. I wanted to hear more from Dodd, crazy man Kucinich (seriously, have you seen his wife? Behold, the power of the Fug is strong with this one!), and most of all, I wanted to hear from Joe Biden.

Biden is the only candidate on the liberal side of the coin that I can take seriously. He was the only candidate I saw give consistently straight answers that referenced policy and fact. He used self-effacing humor instead of rhetorical double-speak, and by the end of the debate, both D. and I were fascinated. He's a moderate candidate who has a proven ability to manage bipartisan relationships. Why aren't we as a nation taking him more seriously?

I'm not registered with either major political party - I am a moderate who is fiscally conservative and very proud of my military roots, but I'm socially liberal on a number of issues. I vote faithfully in every election, yet I'm left to wonder - will I become just another whining 20-something when the 2008 election draws to a close, and I'm left to pick once again between the lesser of two evils? Why should CNN, FoxNews and lobbyists pick who we are able to vote for? Isn't the media's job to report, rather than promote?

It's a shame about Biden. It really is. I'd be fascinated to see what he would do as a more popular candidate. I feel the same way about Huckabee and Paul on the conservative side of the coin.

Instead, I get to look towards Clinton/Obama and Giuliani/McCain (or Thompson) in 2008. And I can promise you, I'll vote against Hillary Clinton.

It has nothing to do with her political leanings or the fact that she's a woman. It has everything to do with Whitewater, Travelgate, her involvement in the Savings & Loans scandal, etc. It has to do with the fact that she seems at ease looking a camera in the eye and lying to American voters about who is she and what she represents.

Because, really, even after months of ads and debates, I still don't really know what she stands for. Do you?
However, in watching the post-debate commentary, I did arrive at one very certain conclusion - James Carville is Skeletor.

True story.


Rebecca said...

Ron Paul is gaining support. I have high hopes for him. I'm seeing more and more signs, and his fundraising is picking up as well.

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