Friday, December 21, 2007


Last night, around 12:30, the boyfriend and I were getting ready for bed and discussing our weekend plans when shots rang out from maybe a block away.

We heard shots last week, but they seemed farther away - last night's were incredibly loud, and I'm guessing we can thank our resident gunslingers up a block for the unexpected treat.

So I did what any conscientious gal would do - I called 911. I gave the operator my name, address and phone number and explained that we had heard 5 shots fired in rapid succession.

She promised the cops would be there shortly.

They never arrived.


jeffrey said...

You know this time of year it can be difficult to distinguish between gunshots and fireworks.

I like to think positive. When we hear loud noises outside, I always tell Menckles they are fireworks.

She's a bit more suspicious when I do that in March... but it still doesn't stop me.

Cait said...

After 4 years in south Florida, I've grown strangely adept at detecting gun shots.

Even scarier, I could tell these were from a .9 mm.

God help me, I think I might need to brush up on my Little Havana-esque gun-detection skills. ;)

Michael said...

Please make sure this violence is take care of before I come to Mardi Gras...I don't feel like adding to it.

"I'm Toker and I approve this message."