Wednesday, January 9, 2008

As for my hair..., I don't look like Heidi Klum, but Chris at Paris Parker gave me an amazing haircut and told me to stop trying to straighten my rebelliously wavy hair.

He pointed out wryly that people always look great when they leave a salon, and can never recreate the look at home. Moreover, half the time their hair is overstyled and the customer can't maintain the look for more than hour (like me - stylists always take a flat-iron to my hair, and half an hour later, that obnoxiously Irish wave around my face rears its tricky head).

He suggested that from now on, I pin my hair back on the sides in the morning first thing, and spray down my hair with Aveda's Light Elements Reviving Mist. He told me to scrunch it up and leave it be while I got ready for work. That sounds easy enough, but more importantly, the fact that he took the time to walk me through easy ways to style my hair was a huge bonus.

So was he worth the eighty bajillion dollars I paid to get my mane tamed for the first time in three months? If I can have more than 2 good hair days a month because of his advice, I'll say yes. ;)


Anonymous said...

I pin my hair back on the sides in the morning first thing too! Cool!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you look fab, but I find this hilarious. You know I've sort of been doing this for years, right? Whenever I have long hair, that is. Because there's no way to really keep it under control when it's down for long, I wash it, tie it back in a bun or something similar, and leave it all damn day. That way, I look neat and tidy for work, but when I take it down for going out for dinner or whatever, it generally looks all under control and with cool waves. Yes, my lazy ass finally found a way to look nice if I really want to.