Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Greatest thing I have ever seen on Craigslist?

Behold these 7 enterprising co-eds from the New Orleans area:

I am looking for a flight to Vegas for 6 of my girlfriends and myself. We are planning a trip to Vegas for Spring Break because it is our last Spring Break together. BUT, we really can not afford to fly commercially, so are just wondering if any one has a plane and would be planning to fly to Vegas from Louisiana during the week of March 16th?

We are a great group of girls and are ready to have fun!!!! Also, we are willig to compensate the owner of the plane! We are just hoping the price is less than the commercial airlines right now! We need to save our money for once we are there, and how cool would it be to go to Vegas on a private plane?

Please respond to the e-mail address provided by Craigslist if you have any information for me! Thanks

Something about this whole absurb post just makes me giggle.

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Doc said...

Ummm you fly and we'll buy the gas... Yeesh!