Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

With the insanity of two solid weeks of houseguests, I had to take a few days off from blogging. Couple that with a nasty cold (thanks, Lavie!) and bowl game watching, and you've got a recipe for a sick-as-heck Cait bundled up on the sofa with hot tea, tissues and the remote.


Just to recap:

-The Saints lost.
-Reggie Bush may or may not be engaged to a chick who is famous because a) her late father defended OJ, and b) she let Brandy's little brother pee on her in a sex tape.
-The Noles lost their bowl game (but beat the spread), but played with more heart than I have seen since the 2005 ACC Championship Game...and that's without a third of the roster.
-D. gave me a gorgeous gold fleur-di-lis necklace with inset garnets - it's garnet and gold (as any good Seminole fan would know), and garnet is my birthstone...which means...
-That's right, I turn 29 in 11 days.
-We lit our coffee table on fire on New Year's Eve, thanks to a tiny little fondue spill. Yeesh.
-We saw Cowboy Mouth at the House of Blues on the 27th, and I don't think I've recovered yet.
-I had to scrape ice off the INSIDE of my windshield this morning. Seriously. SERIOUSLY? It. Is. THAT. Cold.
-D. was surprised on Christmas Day with two tickets to see K-State battle Iowa State in Bramlage Coliseum later this month. He seemed pretty happy, so yay.
-I have developed cool recipes for a Dr. Pepper ham glaze (by bastardizing a recipe from Food & Wine), a pecan pie cheesecake, a chocolate chunk and banana bread pudding with Southern Comfort sauce, etc. The upside to constantly cooking is that while it tires you out, it forces you to be creative.
-We have a new slow-cooker and a new santoku knife, thanks to Mom. This means that we will no longer fight over custody of the one santoku knife we already had.
-My brother gave us a stemware rack (which is now mounted to the ceiling), our neighbors gave us an electric wine opener, and D.'s brother and sister-in-law gave us a wine saver kit. Oh, and Brooke gave us crystal champagne flutes to match our wineglasses.
-After next week's BCS game, D. and I are officially joining a gym. That's just a fact.

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