Friday, January 4, 2008

Kicking off Friday on a happy note!

Zeus and Jess and I spent a chunk of the pre-fiery coffee table New Year's Eve trying to explain why Bollywood is so great to D. I'm thinking I can ease him in with an English-speaking faux-Bollywood flick - "Bride and Prejudice."

(It doesn't hurt that Aishwarya Rai is so intensely gorgeous.)

What's not to love about epic films in which people break out into extravagant song-and-dance sequences every 10 minutes? For the guys who scoff at such a notion, may I present you with Exhibit A?

Beyond just flashes of color and dance, films like "Devdas" are thought-provoking and beautiful. This is actually my favorite Bollywood movie - it's so passionate and tragic.

::blissful sigh::

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Anonymous said...

Indian moves are the debil.