Tuesday, January 15, 2008


My best friend in the entire world, Katie, is engaged. We've been friends since fall 1993, when we met in 9th grade. Naturally, we're both talkative, argumentative, stubborn types, so we instantly detested one another. But inevitably, we became friends, and all through our German classes and our debate team trips, we were the Caities (Caiti and Katie). In German, I was Caiti Nummer Eins, and after college, my friends jokingly called her Mean Katie (sheerly because she's got a nasty bark, but not much bite - she's a 5'0 dynamo, though!).

D. and I met her boyfriend, now fiance, last February when we visited them in St. Pete, and we knew he was it for her. I'm so excited! My best friend has finally found her At Last (yes, yes, I'm shamelessly borrowing from Etta James).

Now I must go find a great engagement gift.

Note: this means I'll be buying two bridesmaids' dresses this year.


Doc said...

Congrats to Mean Katie !!!!

sar said...

i'm so glad you're still bloging. almost all the other mg girls blogs are totally defunkt! i liked you pictures post before this one, too - so cute!