Friday, February 15, 2008

Completely hideous pop culture update

So last weekend, D. and I were traipsing about Metairie, and stopped by the Rouse's on Vets to pick up some crepe-making supplies. On our way to the dairy section, we were greeted by one of those outside vendors who offers food samples, and we stopped to graze.

The woman was selling Spanish wines - like tempranillos - and was doing so, it turns out, because of the Writer's Guild strike. Turns out, she's a casting agent here in Louisiana, and has been effectively out of work for a few months.

Things are looking up for her, though - she just started background casting for...egads, this is so wrong...

...Final Destination 4.

(The first three weren't nearly bad enough, I guess.)

Anyhow, IMDB has a plot synopsis for the film, which is slated to be filmed here in New Orleans:

Nick and some friends barely survive an accident at a race track where the crash flies into the audience, killing those who remained. Now, those who survived are being killed off one by one in gruesome freak accidents.
Probably the most interesting thing about this film is that it will be filmed in high definition 3-D format.


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