Friday, April 18, 2008

I said yes.

He asked, and I said "yes." In fact, I'm pretty sure I said "yes" roughly 14 times in ten seconds.

Here we are five minutes later, with Bobby Bowden (oh, and David Castillo took the picture!).

::blissful sigh::

I'm going to be Mrs. D. How lucky am I? ;)

D. bought the ring a couple of months ago, and chose to wait until I had happy news -of which I've had a fair amount recently! When we got to Pensacola yesterday afternoon, he asked for Mom's blessing in person, and nervously waited (I guess) for that night.

Anyhow, we were at Rosie O'Grady's in Pensacola last night for Bobby Bowden's spring speaking tour. I'd been excited for months about Bobby Day, as I called it (but yes, Roxana, it's no Rex Manning Day).

Initially, I guess that he had hoped to get Coach Bowden to help with the proposal, but the last time Coach did, it ended disastrously, and he didn't want to get stuck in that kind of mess again. However, he did congratulate us - and I even ran into my old neighbor, Clay Ingram, a little bit later!

In the middle of the bar, D. stunned me as we were surrounded by a crowd of 300 FSU fans and our friends Thornton and Michal.

How could I not say yes?

Here's how D. remembers it, since I was in major shock (I couldn't stop shaking for about an hour.):

[Cait's friend] Thorny provided me a great lead-in. See, I really wanted it to shock the hell out of her, so I thought it would be awesome if I set her up by having someone ask about when we were going to get married. We had gotten that question a lot, and were both pretty tired of answering it, so I thought it wouldn't be too conspicuous if it came up again.

So Thorny asked what the deal was ... when was I going to pop the question?

I hemmed and hawed some, then I said I was tired of that question. I said I was so sick of it, that maybe I should just go ahead and propose.

Cait thought I was kidding ... until I got down on one knee and pulled out her ring. I told her I loved her more than anything and that I would be honored if she would spend the rest of her life with me. The whole time she was saying "yes" over and over again and nodding her head.

I think I had the ring box upside down and Thorny mentioned it, and Cait said something like "who cares!?!" At least that's the way I remembered it, but I was a little nervous.


Rebecca said...

Okay, so congratulations again! I am so excited for the two of you!

cephusj said...

WooooHoooooo!!! Congrats. You guys SO rock!

bedbugsandballyhoo said...

Congrats Cait! Good luck to you guys!

oyster said...

Congratulations, Cait!

All the best, to y'all.

I think Bobby being there to "bless" the engagement is a sign of good things to come.

roxy said...

aw.... I gotta go throw up now, but that's awesome.
love you!

NOLA Cleophatra said...

Congratulations! That's so awesome. And you got engaged too. :-) Just messing with you. You're not going to tie the knot at Doak Campbell are you?

Cait said...

Hmmm...getting married at the Doak would be pretty flipping awesome (to quote D.)...but alas, no.

I suspect we'll get hitched here in NOLA.

Rosie said...

I am SO happy for you. I couldn't picture a greater more deserving couple than you two. Huge hugs going your way :)