Monday, April 14, 2008

Oh, no...there's more.

Here's the latest on this tremendous a-hole:

Inmate Facing Life In Prison Escapes From Road Camp

An Escambia inmate is still on the loose tonight after walking away from a road prison work crew and apparently stealing a car from a daycare.

The inmate facing dozens of charges that could put him in prison for the rest of his life walked away from an Escambia County Road Prison Work Detail this morning.

36 year old Patrick Ray Robinson is believed to be driving a white 1999 Ford Windstar... One authorities say he stole from a daycare.

Road crew prison inmates were doing their work today less than a mile from here. Sheriff's deputies believe one of those inmates is driving around in a mother's mini-van .... one he stole from the Little Red Schoolhouse Daycare. It's something daycare workers had warned parents about. Don't leave your car running, when dropping off the kids.

Elizabeth Martinez Morales: "It's typical, apparently they're always telling the parents, you know don't leave your car running something could happen especially when you have kids in the car. You know, don't leave your car running and I always do."

Elizabeth Martinez Morales says she was inside the daycare for less than 5 minutes. When she came back out her mini-van was gone.

Elizabeth Martinez Morales: "I always look around for suspicious cars you know, it's just kind of you know second nature now and there was nobody if there was, they were hiding."

Sheriff's officials believe someone was hiding... 36 year old Patrick Robinson... A road prison inmate...
Awaiting trial on dozens of felony charges... Including 17 counts of fraud... 12 counts of dealing in stolen property... And 3 counts of grand theft. (Yep, we swore out the affidavit in the state attorney's office two weeks ago.)

He faces 390 years in prison if convicted of all the charges.
(This of course assumes he doesn't first meet an untimely end at the hands of a vicious collie.)

Robinson has several priors... Including one conviction for making explosives... And one conviction for aiding a prisoner escape.He was last seen doing work for the road prison at
Ellyson Field... Less than a mile from the Little Red Schoolhouse Daycare.

Elizabeth Martinez Morales: "I feel very fortunate. I mean, it could have been a lot worse so again, my kids weren't in the car with me. I wasn't there. They didn't take anything of value . I had less than a quarter of a tank of gas. So they're not going far without getting gas."

You may be asking how an inmate like Robinson was allowed on the road prison... Here's a look at how offiicials at the sheriff's office make that decision...

  • Bond can not exceed 50 thousand dollars.
  • No pending state prison sentence.
  • No disciplinary problems at the jail.
  • Not wanted by federal or other state authorities...
  • Plus there's a list of aggravated charges like manslaughter and murder that would stop an inmate from working at the road camp.
(What I find weird here is that we were told Robinson DID escape from the Escambia County Jail last year...)

Robinson is the third inmate to escape from work detail while working for the Escambia Sheriff this month. The other two have been caught.


Rox said...

SO does that mean he was on the lam when he was working on stuff for your mom?? Totally crazy. No more hiring random help.

Rebecca said...

Escambia County has has three escaped inmates in the past month? Did I read that right? Seems like a sign that they should maybe rethink their policies.

NOLA Cleophatra said...

Boy, this guy's a really winner. No wonder he escaped. Escaping may add more years to his term but if he's looking at 390 years, and he obviously knows he's going to be convicted, what's another 20 years or so? Maybe he'll cross state line and then the Feds can be brought in (can you get to Alabama on 1/4 tank of gas?). I'm glad the cops are checking in on your mom. It's the LEAST they can do.