Sunday, April 27, 2008

So we set a date.

In the midst of watching the draft and dealing with the Jazz Fest traffic, D. and I have set our wedding date!

(Prepare for the nausea to begin.)

Admittedly, some of the giddiness has worn off - I mean, at some point we have to figure out how to pay for this blessed event without mortgaging off our firstborn into indentured servitude.

(Any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated.)

It's Jazz Fest Sunday, and it's still raining. D. and I took a walk in the rain this afternoon after I returned from a work event at the Aubudon Tea Room. Best of all, we told Father Pat at OLGC about our engagement, and I'm due to set an appointment with him to go through what we need to do to marry within the church (whether it's OLGC or St. Stephen's).

But hey, the draft went well for the Saints (and even better for the Chiefs, who shamelessly ripped off our warchant before each first round pick), and it's festival season.

Damn, life is good...assuming you're not living in the Seventh Ward this weekend.

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