Friday, May 30, 2008

Tally Ho!

So last weekend D. and I hit up the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience. NOLA, one of Emeril's local restaurants, scored big with a pound cake with a Barq's root beer glaze (don't think I won't be looking for that recipe!), and lots of different vineyards were represented.

Much fun - and champagne - was had by all. Better yet, we saw this:

We also were fortunate enough to see our friend T., who was in town for a bachelor party. Mmmm, bell pepper rings and peanut butter pie at Franky and Johnny's. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

On Sunday we turned our living room into Indy headquarters and watched all three Indiana Jones films before traipsing over to the Prytania to watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. (WTH was up with the monkeys? Cate Blanchett's "Rocky and Bullwinkle" accent?)

This week has been insanely busy, but last night marked the beginning of four days of baseball. Last night was Jewish Heritage Night at the Zephyrs, and more the 170 members of the local Jewish community headed over to Zephyrs stadium for a double-header, $1 beer and kosher hot dogs.

Out of respect for the several orthodox rabbis sitting behind us, we contained our craving for the pork-laden Pig Nachos. Sigh.

Tonight we're heading to Tallahassee for the NCAA Baseball Regionals. Tulane, UF, Bucknell and FSU will be facing off in the 26th NCAA regional that the Seminoles have hosted.

Go Noles! FSU friends, we'll see you in the morning at Publix when we pick up our tailgating supplies.

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