Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tallahassee: a story of pizza and sunscreen.

D. and I had a most eventful (whooo, tire blowout at 1:30 a.m.!) trip to Tallahassee this past weekend for the NCAA Regionals. Mainly it was a nice break from everything that's going on with my mother (things aren't good, and no, I don't want to elaborate).

We stayed with my brother (thanks, Mike!), hung out with our friends Chris and Rebecca (and Fudge, Lynne, and Toker), and met some new rabid FSU fans. We enjoyed watching Florida go 0-2, and we enjoyed chatting with the visiting Bucknell and Tulane fans (who were very cool).

But mostly, while I enjoyed watching FSU decimate Tulane on Sunday night, D. spent his 9 innings daydreaming about the joys of Momo's.

Yes. Momo's. Where pizza slices are ginormous and your stomach hates you for the next 4 hours.
THAT Momo's. D. ordered a daring two slices - but could he finish them?

Given that D. is fairly skinny, I'm not sure where he lodges two slices' worth of Momo's - I'm assuming at this point that my fiance has four stomachs, which is remarkable, given that I'm fairly sure that his brother has 6-8 stomachs (I'm pretty jealous/impressed with D.'s brother's ability to inhale food).

But by George, he accomplished quite a that can only be likened to:


It was an interesting and occasionally illuminating weekend. That said, geaux Noles!


Rebecca said...

That is my boob in the first picture.

It was great seeing you guys! Next up -- NOLA!

NOLA Cleophatra said...

That was one huge slice o pie! I don't think Momo's was around when I was at FSU (am I dating myself?)

Sorry to hear about your mom - pneumonia and all the things that can go along with it aren't nice.

One last thing... FSU! FSU! FSU!