Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chris and Rebecca

Dear Chris and Rebecca,

I am so thrilled for you - D. and I are honored to be part of your wedding, and we're happy that - after 8 years of dating - you're now officially in a relationship.

Some advice:

-Rebecca, let Chris keep his Britney Spears poster (in the closet, where it belongs.)
-Chris, Rebecca's probably right. About most everything. ::wry grin::
-Rebecca, you need a Saints jersey. Drew Brees, perhaps?
-Chris, a Jaguars jersey (say...Greg Jones?) wouldn't hurt.
-Make sure to laugh a lot. It helps. For reals.
-Always remember why you love one another, and chose to commit your lives to one another.
-Keep some popcorn on hand for when friends come to visit and you decide to fake-fight.
-Chris, Italian leather shoes ARE a necessary expenditure.
-Rebecca, keep some Xanax around the house. It could prove useful during football season.
-It's okay to have a crush on Buster Posey. That goes for both of you. Get your minds out of the gutter!
-Let the little stuff slide. Always talk it out.
-Most importantly, there's no contest. The shrimp po'boy will always lose.

Then again, as D. just pointed out, we're not I'm probably full of crap.

I love you both, and we'll be in Jacksonville just after lunch tomorrow.

Until then, here's a little lagniappe for two of my favorite FSU alums:

Geaux Noles, and congratulations to two of the most amazing friends I will ever have - I'm so blessed to have you in my life, and I'm so fortunate to be included in your special day.


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