Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'd just like to point out...

...that Michael Phelps has more gold medals than France.


So I'm in agreement with Jeffrey. The Hornets unis?

Do. Not. Want.

Pinstripes only belong in baseball, folks. And creole blue? A more "passionate" purple?

Spare me.

But I do kinda dig the new logos.

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Rebecca said...

Stolen from my sister's blog:

Does this opening paragraph from a Wodehouse short story remind you of anyone? A certain all time greatest Olympian maybe?

"On land, in his land clothes, George was a young man who excited little remark. He looked very much like other young men. He was much the ordinary height. His carriage suggested the possession of an ordinary amount of physical strength. Such was George - on shore. But remove his clothes, drape him in a bathing suit, and insert him in water, and instantly, like the gentleman in The Tempest, he 'suffered a sea-change into something rich and strange.' Other men puffed, snorted, and splashed. George passed through the ocean with the silent dignity of a torpedo. Other men swallowed water, here a mouthful, there a pint, anon, maybe, a quart or so, and returned to shore like foundering derelicts. George's mouth had all the exclusiveness of a fashionable club. His breast stroke was a thing to see and wonder at. When he did the crawl, strong men gasped. When he swum on his back, you felt that that was the only possible mode of progression."