Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Random and sundry thoughts...

It's been hectic since my return from Boca - I've been working a lot, and D.'s birthday/our anniversary was this past weekend. Here are a few thoughts from the course of the past several days:

  • I hate when friends lie and throw you under the bus to save face with mere acquaintances. Ouch.
  • Why has no one told me about Stein's Deli? D. and I went there for lunch today, and I just about inhaled my Kelly sandwich. Dear GOD, was that good...
  • Absinthe tastes like watered-down Good n' Plenty. And not in a good way. I'm very meh on the whole experience.
  • Crawfish risotto will win over neighbors in jiffy.
  • Any man who takes a donated fruit salad and dumps it into a blender with tequila is all right by me.
  • D. loves carrot cake.
  • The collies have been more shedtastic than usual.
  • I had a great time fishing off Boca Inlet with Trishy and Brooke. Also, I still have a fishing pole mark where my thighs were sunburned.
  • I was in a car accident on Monday. Yep, I was literally hit by a truck. Good times. I'm fine, just sore.
  • I need more sleep.
  • I really, REALLY need to lose weight.
  • I love The Verve's new album, and MGMT's new single "Electric Feel" is growing on me.
  • The crazy shovel lady case went to trial while I was in south Florida, despite me telling the DA's Office that I would be away more than a month in advance, before they continued the trial. The guy was found not guilty. He claimed self-defense. Evidently, she slapped him. The jury found it reasonable that he should respond by almost cutting her arm off with a shovel. Clearly.

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TroublemakerSupreme said...

are you effing kidding me? the bastard got off? i wonder if she went after him with a shovel now, if we can get her off on temporary insanity?