Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh, Entergy.

So is THIS why I have a $330 power bill this month, despite having no utilities for a week following Gustav?

That's just great.

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InHisArms4evr said...

I live in Napoleonville, LA. How about being without power for 3 weeks and getting a $68 bill with $42 for fuel adjustment. The meter reading was on 8-25-08. I left my area on 8-28-08 after turning the main breaker off. I returned 9-23-08. New meter reading on 9-25-08. Then I receive this bill for a total of 5 days!!! This is just plain outrageous having the fuel adj. way more than! Normal bill $100-120. GO FIGURE! My question is what can be done about this scam? Any concrete answers? ANYBODY?