Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Voodoo Quandary

So D. and I have weekend passes for Voodoo, and are entering Round 2 of out-of-town guests this week with some friends from south Florida up for the music shindig at City Park.

With some dismay I note that the Old 97's, only one of the greatest live bands ever, are scheduled to play somewhere during the second quarter of the FSU-Virginia Tech game.

Even worse, the Cold War Kids and Blind Boys of Alabama are scheduled during the Saints' London game.


Do I DVR the FSU game and pray that my friends (ahem, Fudge) won't send me texts about the game? Or do I avoid my longstanding crush on Rhett Miller's foxy ways and faithfully cheer on my Noles?

Do I give up on the Saints and assume that this season has become a dismal lost cause due to injuries and hideous playcalling? Or do I eschew the weird musical stylings of "Hang Me Up To Dry"?

There's only one certainty, and that is R.E.M.

Oh yes, you will see me at the R.E.M. show. And it might be a little bit scary, because I'll be the zealot singing along to EVERY. SINGLE. SONG.

(That's how strong my love is, yeaux. No offense meant to Otis.)


NOLA Cleophatra said...

Hmmm.. a tough call. But I think you should stay home and watch the football games. FSU and the Saints NEED you. And so your passes don't go to waste I will take them. See, win-win!

Rebecca said...

Considering you missed out on the Old 97's the last time they were in New Orleans, I think you should Tivo the FSU game, avoid all texts, and watch it later.

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