Thursday, August 9, 2007

Psst. Hey, Evil?

No, I wasn't abducted by Scientologists (nor was I turned into Soylent Green. Really, I promise.). My flight from National back to NOLA yesterday was massively delayed, and I pretty much (as did M.) immediately opened my laptop and began working again as soon as I was home. After that, I had to guide my brother in to New Orleans (he ended up in Gretna again, poor guy) and make dinner for him and for my two wonderful nieces. Even worse, after a scintillating viewing of "Clue" (what child of the 80's doesn't love that movie?), I had to wake up at 5:00 to get everyone up, cleaned up, packed and fed for my nieces' return trip to Alaska. Sigh.

It's just been a loooong week. Clients have been fussy, M. and I feel like we're drowning, and we both managed to incur random injuries whilst in our nation's brutally hot capitol. And I'm cranky, exhausted and still self-conscious from my somewhat ill-fated trip to H&M (as known as the indelible reminder that I'm no longer a lithe, taut co-ed). And I miss my nieces. But as anyone who knows me can venture, nothing cheers me up like the promise of a good llama picture:

In conclusion, I reject the Tom Juice in favor of being a guilty Southern Bapthlic who can probably outdrink you.

There. That's better. ;)


April Elizabeth said...

thats just what someone brainwashed by scientologists would say to avoid suspicion. I think you are trying to convert evil.

Anonymous said...

I am so honored, Cait.

You may soon be finding us all hanging out over here instead of Cordyland.

evil twin