Thursday, August 9, 2007

Random musings on business travel...

It was an interesting trip to D.C. Not only did M. and I work hard, we also got a little play time in. We met up with our friend Dave (who lives in NOLA, but was visiting family in the area) for a night of chain-restaurant pizza and drinks, and we walked through the Capitol area, where we learned that the reason people have Kardashian butts is because of the hills there. Because public transportation isn't hideous there, people actually...gasp...walk. As New Orleans is shaped like a bowl full of alcohol, we walk on flat surfaces or downhill. This means that our butts, ladies, reflect said flatness. Sigh. Other things I learned:

  • I need to lose weight. No, really. Either that, or clothes at H&M are only designed for angular, skinny folks. That's depressing. But I DO love my new bootcut jeans from their store near Chinatown...too bad I bought them a size too big.

  • The Metro reminds M. and me of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride at Disney World. You descend into a vast, cavernous space, only to be confronted by darkness and the cold whoosh of wind.

  • Also learned at H&M: I'm aging "gracefully." That's right, the 28 year-old with the baby face and odd vocabulary is aging "well" despite her advanced age. I learned this from a fitting room attendant who no doubt thinks 30 is the new 60. He's 20, if he's a day.
  • Jhorts! They're alive and well on the Metro.

  • I've missed taking the Metro. The Tri-Rail in south Florida is terrible, and the streetcars aren't running uptown here yet. Sigh.
  • Befriending a bartender is a beautiful, beautiful thing. I think I love watermelon martinis.

  • The one-way streets near the Capitol might actually be more confusing than those in New Orleans. Is it a coincidence that both were designed by the French? Hmmm...
  • I was so glad to get home yesterday, despite the heat index of 115 degrees. There's just nothing like sharing a Ferdie Special at Mother's with your best friend/significant other.

BTW, there are only 21 days until the start of college football the meantime, I s'pose we'll have to make do with tailgating before tomorrow night's Saints-Bills game.

Moron of the day (because it can't always be Britney):

It's such a shame, too, because I used to find her utterly refreshing as both an actress and a human being. Now she's bleating about monogamy as unnatural in such a fashion as to purely rationalize her own immature actions. Pity, really. We're the same age.

P.S. How is Bridget Moynahan STILL pregnant? Hasn't she been carrying Tom Brady's nefarious love child for something like an entire geological era now?

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April Elizabeth said...

i cant believe you took a picture of hte jhorts. its bad enough they exist... MUST it be documented?