Monday, September 10, 2007

Britney Spears v. Sarah Silverman

X17 Online is now alleging that Britney Spears' performance at last night's VMA's was stilted and uninspired because she supposedly overheard Sarah Silverman rehearsing her monologue before the show. Far be it from me to insert logic into this great debate of gigantic political proportions, but:

-Britney Spears CHOSE this event as a method of staging a comeback. This was a tremendous opportunity for her.
-Instead of rehearsing, she chose to party in Vegas.
-She HAS been performing - remember her little House of Blues tour earlier this year?-Spears also publicly fired much of the staff/team surrounding her over the past year. She's been acting as her own stylist, publicist, etc.
-She chose to sign with manager Jeff Kwatinetz, who publicly guided Kelly Clarkson's career into a terrible minefield earlier this year.
-She reportedly called her children "mistakes" in front of several former nannies - Silverman was just referencing Spears' own foibles.

Was what Sarah Silverman said incredibly harsh and discomfiting? Absolutely. Was any of it so far off base as to engender this much ranting from Britney apologists? Nope.

I suppose the real question is - at what point is it time for Britney Spears to stop blaming everyone around her, and take responsibility for her own actions?

Personal accountability is a bitch, y'all.


Kevin said...

Seriously, the more pictures I see of Britney in that outfit, the more I wonder...does anyone have the balls to tell her she looks like a dirty, Bourbon St. hooker?

April Elizabeth said...

never shell od before she has the chance to grow up and let that happen