Monday, September 3, 2007

Listen, Fat Katie Couric...

...AKA Holly Rowe...I don't want to hear about "breaking news" at Clemson that for some reason involves a student prank.

We just got back to New Orleans after a sometimes fun, sometimes frustrating weekend in Florida and Alabama. Four-and-a-half hours after we left my mother's house, we're home. I have now missed half of our hideous game against Clemson, our satellite receiver in the living room doesn't work, and I'm tired and cranky.

And someone stole our grill. Now I realize it's Labor Day weekend, but a $30 grill? WTH?


But happy birthday, Mom. ;)


Roxana said...

From someone who managed to watch the parts you missed... be grateful. :P So sad.

Michael said...

Sorry someone stole your grill...they really needed to cook something!!