Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Team Bridget: or why exes should never, ever send tacky baby gifts.

Numerous gossip blogs are reporting that Tom Brady's dude-looks-like-a-ladyfriend Gisele Bundchen recently sent Bridget Moynahan, erstwhile girlfriend of the Pats quarterback, a swanky gift basket from L.A.'s baby boutique to the pretentious, Petit Tresor.

In it? Amongst what I am sure was some very nice schwag was a onesie emblazoned with "Supermodel."

Klassy. Way to remind the new mom that her boyfriend left her for you. So I've been thinking this morning, no doubt inspired by my lack of sleep and overall crankiness stemming from last night's loss to Clemson and grill theft (I'm totally lo-jacking the next one), of the best way for Bridget to respond.

Thus far, Ms. Bridget has been the picture of class, very quietly going through her pregnancy with nary a nasty word to the media about her baby daddy or his tranny-looking gal pal. That's commendable, and while I certainly applaud the fact that she took the moral high road, I'd like to suggest that if Tommy and Gisele ever have kids, Bridget should very kindly send them a gift basket. It should include the following:

-A Colts onesie
-An Ohio State onesie
-A Notre Dame onesie
-An Appalachian State onesie
-A customized "Mommy and I love Peyton Manning!" bib
-An Agent Provacateur t-shirt

What would you include in a gift basket for Tomsele's spawn?

And did you find the second half of last night's game at all encouraging?


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I would send Gisele a onesie for her baby that says "Homewrecker", "B---h", or "My Mommy Is A Homewrecker".