Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sitting here in Kansas City...

So now we know why our DirecTV HD receiver isn't working - evidently, lightning struck our house on Sunday night.


Anyhow, last night D. and the Monster and I went down to the wine-tasting/SPCA charity event. It was fun, and Jake wasn't too badly behaved. We picked up some takeout and retreated back to our grill-less house, where we spent the evening watching Kevin Smith and playing with our neighbors' foster bunnies. (So cute. Very, very cute.)

This morning I flew to Kansas City, where I'm currently ensconced in a downtown coffee shop, eating a hummus sandwich and a vanilla latte. I really like Kansas City - it's certainly growing on me. The people here are just so...well...nice. It explains a lot about D. and his family. ;)

A friend of mine in south Florida lost his dad last night, and when I just spoke to him on the phone a few minutes ago, he sounded as I must have 9 months ago - eerily calm and maybe too controlled. I get that. I've been there. I wish I could say I can't imagine how much he's hurting right now, but that'd be a flat-out lie. I just hope he knows how much his friends care, and that we hurt for him. :(

Well, the latte has come to its end, and I have to change from my traditional jeans and flip-flops ensemble into my Ann Taylor Young Professional uniform. After tonight's open house, I'm changing into a Saints t-shirt and jeans and driving to Bethany, MO, which is halfway between KC and Des Moines. Why?

More to come...

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