Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What ever happened to Belinda Carlisle? And why am I so forlorn over our missing grill?

See that empty hole on our porch? That's where our cheap Wal-mart grill used to hold court. This afternoon, almost 48 hours after we discovered that our beloved grill was stolen, I'm still obsessing.


Because the jackass who stole our grill took a $29.99 charcoal grill that D. painstakingly put together with the aid of my nieces...

...but left the charcoal, lighter fluid and Jack Daniels wood chips.

I still can't get over that. Why on earth would you go through the effort of walking down the street with someone's cheap grill and not take the necessary supplies? Moreover, if you can afford said supplies, why can't you afford to march your buttocks down to Wal-mart to buy a replica of our inexpensive grill?

Spectacular reasoning, I know. I'm still troubled by it, though.

I told D. we're buying a bike chain to secure the next one. The funny thing is, the bike chain will probably cost as much - if not more - than the actual grill. That's comedic gold, right there.

As I sit here in my office pondering the fate of our beloved grill, I'm listening pensively to Belinda Carlisle, wondering what happened to her.

And oh, crap, I totally forgot to take my suit into the dry cleaners, and I'm flying to Kansas City in the morning.


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