Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Elviliciousness, or bidding adieu to October.

October has just been an incredibly difficult and stressful month - but given tonight's upcoming festivities and a general sense of perkiness, I'm much more cheerful than I was, say, even a week ago.

So here's a cheerful little ditty from a terribly underrated band, Texas. Whoo-hoo! It's autumn, it's 78 degrees, I'm wearing ridiculously cute shoes (little maroon ballerina-styled kitten heels), and I ate $28 worth of sushi at lunch today with my coworkers (good thing I wore the fat jeans today, eh?). Better yet, I get to go home to the sweetest guys in the world tonight.

::inhaling the smells of fall around me::

::promptly sneezing because my allergies are terrible::

BTW, the female lead singer of Texas does a pretty mean Elvis impersonation, doesn't she?

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