Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

So last night I picked D. up from work and we braved the mobs at Walmart in an effort to finalize our Halloween costumes. I was seeking out a trashy babydoll dress, and D. was looking for at LEAST a 3XL shirt to demonstrate his K-feddery. He succeeded, scoring a 3XL Miller High Life t-shirt, and a woman's chain necklace. Oh, and naturally we bought a baby doll. We opted not to buy two, and we'll simply cite that we've forgotten where we left Sean Preston. At one point, I considered going for the Britney-custody-hearing look - you know, the semi-demure dress paired with her typically oversized sunglasses and purse, and the requisite cowboy boots?

Towards that end, I tried on a remarkably cute facsimile of a von Furstenberg wrap dress, slinky and skimming. Sadly, it was a little too classy, as was noted by the fitting room attendant.

Me: D., do you think this might look...well...too normal? Would Britney wear a dress like this?

D.: Hmmm. I think it's too long. And it doesn't show enough cleavage.

Fitting room attendant, who has by this point figured out what we're up to: That's too classy. Maybe if you hemmed it up like eight inches?

Me: ::wincing:: It's amazing that a woman with that much money manages to make herself look so hideous on such a regular basis. You'd think she would hire a stylist to keep her from wearing such unflattering, ill-fitting clothing. And oh God, those BOOTS!

D., cutting off my tirade: You couldn't find any fugly babydoll dresses?

Me: Sadly, no. OK, I think we're going to have to rethink which trashtastic Britney 2007 look to go for.

Minutes later, we found a white eyelet camisole on the clearance rack. It's actually very cute, and when spring rolls around again, I'll probably pair it with some dark rinse jeans and some flat metallic sandals. But as we've seen since Kevin Federline sucked the hot out of Britney, she is very capable of taking cute clothes and making them trashtastic.

And such is my plan this Halloween. I bought a pink and red racerback bra, the white eyelet cami, some hideous red metallic lipstick and some hoop earrings to compliment my previously obtained Britney wig, cowboy boots, old miniskirt, and head scarf. The results were...startlingly accurate, as when I showed Michelle the pics this morning, she blanched and blurted out, "But Cait, that's...SCARY!"

Other comments received thus far:

Abby - "I just hope you are wearing the proper undergarments with your costume... what would your momma say."

(Note: I'm going in costume, not in character. I have no plans of flashing the world.)

Sherry - "YIKES."

Jon - "Holy crap!!!!!"

Jan - "That’s scary!!!! You really look like Britney."

Krystal - "OMG, that’s UNCANNY!!!!!!!!!! You guys are hysterical!!!"

(She saw D.'s costume as well.)

Emily - "This is awesome. I legitimately thought it was Britney at first – no joke! It wasn’t until I scrolled down and saw the dog that it clicked. Nice work!"

Rebecca - "Very skankalicious!"

Now here's where I draw the line - I know that tons of women use Halloween as an excuse to dress as sexily as possible. I get that it's the one socially appropriate time of year to release inhibitions and skank out...but for me, there's not really any fun in that. It's far more fun to be creative than to pick up a slutty costume from Trashy Lingerie, ala Paris Hilton's PVC Alice in Wonderland Meets Porn Star get-up from this past weekend's tabloids. Now that I've built up so much are a couple of teaser pics from our dress rehearsal last night - tonight we'll add a little more to the mix before heading out to the libertine's fantasy world of Frenchman St.

All that said, Brooke's Wonder Woman costume - made by hand - is phenomenal. If she gives me the okay, I post a pic of it tomorrow. :)


Anonymous said...

Britney is in the houz!

mayrose said...

That costume is perfection. Don't get lost in the character. I don't want to have to deprogram you. Cheetos are not a food group. Keep saying that.


bedbugsandballyhoo said...

Pssst, Cait...You're not supposed to wear pants with a shirt. And the Cheetos are a nice accessory.

evil twin said...

I love that D. paired the t-shirt with jorts. You both looked awesome.