Wednesday, October 10, 2007

People sure can suck.

And that's not very nice of them, now is it?

I haven't blogged much in the past few days due to a few issues of drama.

1) An unwelcomed person from my high school days tried to return to my life for a brief stay of pissiness and generally bad behavior.

2) D. and I were in a car accident in Metairie on Saturday evening, in which the following conversation took place:

Me: Omigosh, D., stop! The car behind you (in the grocery store parking lot) is going to hit you.


Roid-freak passenger in giant SUV that hit us: YOU HIT US, YOU A-HOLE!

Random witness: No, he didn't. He was stopped.

Panicked driver of giant SUV: Omigoodness, this is my second accident today.

Roid-freak: YOU HIT US!

D.: Should we call the police?

Roid-freak: What, we can't handle this? You HIT US!

Me: Sir, I'm pretty sure my boyfriend isn't trying to be contentious. Perhaps we should just let him speak with the driver of your car and let them sort this out?

Roid-freak, who is now turning red: Contentious? More like pretentious. Look at you with all of your big words.

Me, genuinely confused and thinking this guy is on something: What is WRONG with you?

Roid-freak, continuing to yell, despite both drivers calming exchanging insurance information: I don't know how you people handle things in FLORIDA (citing D.'s plates), but here we don't try to extort people.

All 3 of the others involved: Eh?

This guy was a jerk. Plain and simple, he was irrational and trying to create drama where there ought to have been none.

Regardless, it was a crappy night, even with careful application of tequila and homemade salsa verde. D.'s night was ruined.

(However, we did make 4 meals out of the pork loin we bought at the grocery store, so there is that.)

And then there was 3) Crackhead breaking into my car on Monday night.

I felt awful Monday night - our boss had spread his cold around the office, so I took some Nyquil before bed. During the night, Jake flipped out, but I just couldn't wake up fully to investigate.

I found out on Tuesday morning, as I left the house to go to work, exactly why Jake was barking. The convertible top to my car was knifed to shreds (which was awesome, considering that it had rained overnight), and the center console was ripped apart in an effort to steal my car stereo.

Now, there's a certain point of humor here - little did said crackhead know that in the process of stealing what must have looked like a fancy-schmancy detachable plate stereo, he stole damaged goods.

The CD player on my stereo hasn't worked in roughly a year, and I generally use the stereo only to catch local traffic on my morning commute. The rest of the time, I use my iPod (which of course wasn't in my car).

D. and I spent a good hour using sail repair tape and gorilla tape to reconstruct my top for the time being, until I can order a new top (it's a special order, unfortunately).

But wow, people sure can suck.


mominem said...

Sure it wasn't the Roid-freak?

That sucks.

Roxy said...

I'm really glad you're ok, though. Everything sounds like it had the potential to go a lot worse. :(
I love you!