Friday, December 7, 2007

Oh, Reggie, Reggie, Reggie...

So Bush is probably out for the remainder of the season, having sustained a torn PCL.

The bad news doesn't stop there for the beleaguered Saints running back, either.

The media is essentially calling him overrated. Even when defending him, writers are pointing to his reportedly diva-like attitude.

His teammates are calling him out for his lack of discipline and focus.

He may lose his Heisman. (No one saw that coming, right? ::raised eyebrow::)

So here's to Reggie Bush, who is having the...Worst. Week. Ever.


mominem said...

I don't know much about that stuff in LA but none of the people talking to the seem that credible or legit.

Anyone in sports should know you aren't supposed to give stuff to a college athlete, although I'm not so sure loans to a guy who's obviously going to make millions isn't legal. Most students now have a credit cards, how is that different?

Also sound like the guy is hyping his book.

jeffrey said...

The AOL sports guy says:

The fact that both Brees and Karney also offered hope for Bush's future leads me to believe that this situation isn't irreparable yet, but Bush will have to change his ways to avoid that.

I think he's misreading that. Brees and Karney "offer hope" because they are nice guys and don't want to publicly tear down a teammate. But the frustration is starting to mount.